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Bus Lines to Switzerland

Switzerland boasts breathtakingly beautiful landscapes: mountain panoramas, gently rolling hills, crystal-clear lakes and rivers and picturesque villages and cities are what give the country its very unique charm. The starting point of your visit is the city of Zurich, which you will reach on board one of the comfortable Deutsche Touring coaches – inexpensively, quickly and safely. Whether you spend time at the trip’s destinations or decide to explore the local surroundings, both in summer and winter the region offers a wide variety of culture and leisure activities. Just a stone’s throw away from the Alps, you can choose to experience the great outdoors or the hustle and bustle of a big city – or you can simply do both.


 from /  to Basel
 from /  to Bellinzona
 from /  to Bern
 from /  to Berne
 from /  to Bulle
 from /  to Chiasso - Colderio
 from /  to Fribourg
 from /  to Geneva
 from /  to Lausanne
 from /  to Lugano
 from /  to Luzern
 from /  to Saint Gallen
 from /  to St. Gallen
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