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Bus Lines to the Ukraine

Europe’s second largest state – almost twice the size of Germany – attracts visitors to the picturesque feather grass of its vast steppes, as well as to its long Black Sea coast . The harbour and trading city of Odessa is enjoying huge popularity, especially amongst a younger crowd. Major attractions of Kiev, the country’s capital city, include the Museum of Scythian Gold and the monk mummies in Kiev’s cave monastery on the western banks of the Dnieper River, as well as many other religious buildings, several of which are World Heritage Sites. The historical centre of Lviv is one of the places to be awarded this status, and close to the city an open-air museum offers insights into its eventful history.

From 37 cities in Germany, we will bring you to 8 cities in the Ukraine. Take advantage of our permanently low prices, and arrive at your destination quickly and safely.


 from /  to Chernivtsi
 from /  to Chortkiv
 from /  to Dolyna
 from /  to Ivano-Frankivsk
 from /  to Kalush
 from /  to Kamianets-Podilskyi
 from /  to Khmelnytskyi
 from /  to Kiev
 from /  to Kolomyia
 from /  to Korostyshev
 from /  to Kovel
 from /  to Luck
 from /  to Lviv
 from /  to Lvov / Lemberg
 from /  to Morshyn
 from /  to Mukacevo
 from /  to Mykolayiv
 from /  to Novograd Volynsky
 from /  to Odessa
 from /  to Rivne
 from /  to Stryi
 from /  to Terebovlia
 from /  to Truskavets
 from /  to Uzgorod
 from /  to Vinnytsia
 from /  to Zhitomir
 from /  to Zhovkva
 from /  to Zolochiv