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Reductions for children and adolescents

Preserve the family income and travel with Touring. Children and adolescents obtain on numerous coach tours special price advantages. How much they save depends on their age the moment they board a coach. The reductions below apply on the normal price:

Children under 4: up to 80%
Children between 4 and 12: up to 50%
Adolescents between 12 and 18: up to 10%
The coach lines that include reductions for children and adolescents can be inquired in our booking system. Just enter the destination and then select “search”.

Underage persons can travel only if the conditions below are fulfilled:
Children and adolescents under 16 can travel only if they are in possession of a certified assent of their legal guardian. Furthermore they have to be accompanied by a person who attained full age, the legal age of consent in Germany is 18. Adolescents who passed the age of 16 can travel alone if they are in possession of a certified assent from their legal guardian. We would also ask you to pay attention to the visa regulations including transit countries.