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Company history

1948 was a year of real pioneer work!

The four founding father, led by the initiator Heinz Thomae, inspired the Deutsche Reisebuero, the Deutsche Bundesbahn and and the European Freight and Baggage Insurance to join them as shareholders the same year.

Three chassis were purchased with railway coupons in Brunswick in the early summer of 1948, which were then assembled with carriages in Stuttgart. Two more coaches were acquired from the traditional producer Büssing.
These were followed by Mercedes O 3500 with bodywork from Kässbohrer and Büssing U9/U10 chassis with carriages from Emmelmann and Kässbohrer.
Beginning in 1955, the company bus park was enlarged with Setra, Krauss-Maffei and Mercedes 0 321 H buses. Still, until 1971 the greater part of it consisted of Büssing-Emmelmann coaches.
Today, more than 65 years after its establishment, Touring owns more than 30 Setra buses. Sub-contractors operate most of the transport services.
Curiously, the logo of DTG Deutsche Touring GmbH was designed in 1949 by the long-established bus manufacturer Kässbohrer. Slightly changed, it is still used today. 

1948 1955 1965 1980 1990 1999 2002 2007
O 3500
Büssing Büssing Setra
215 HD
EOS Mercedes
Scania Setra

Several important dates

1948foundation as a rail replacement bus service
50svacation and special transport, lines
60sinternational lines
70scompany and school transport
80smarket leadership in international transport
2000 to presentexpansion, subsidiaries
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