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The way to the future – we connect Europe

The first international regular services from Frankfurt to Basel, Salzburg and Vienna were established in 1949. Two years later the organisation Europabus was founded – a union of the tourist road traffic operators of 14 European railway administrations.

A new era started for Deutsche Touring at the end of the 1960s with the introduction of the regular services to France and Spain. For Touring, the German “Economic wonder” expressed itself in prosperous gastarbeiter bus lines. Foreign workers in Germany were now able to travel comfortably and inexpensively to their native countries like, among others, several times a week to Turkey.

With the introduction of regular services to Zagreb in 1971 the international bus lines became the core business of the company. The further expansion of the line range to Serbia (1980) and Bosnia (1983) made the Balkans the most important pillar of sales. The entry into the Eurolines organisation in 1989 was a decisive impulse. The cooperation with the international partners in the European built a Europe-wide line network.

The 1990s were highlighted by the start of operations in the countries from the former Warsaw Pact. In 1990 Deutsche Touring was already operating in Poland; new destinations in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the Baltic states and the CIS followed and developed highly satisfactorily.

Deutsche Touring today

The modern buses of Deutsche Touring start from about 80 departure points in Germany to 32 countries. More than 1.7 million passengers with different nationalities used the regular services of Deutsche Touring to travel throughout Europe in 2012. From Norway to Greece, from Portugal to Russia, there are hardly any “white spots” left on the destinations map of Touring.
It is therefore no coincidence that our slogan is “We connect Europe”.

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