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Bus Lines to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is regarded as one of the last undiscovered southern Alp regions and captivates nature lovers and adventurers alike with its pristine nature and untouched landscapes. The country’s many rivers are ideal for rafting in the summer and there are still wild bears and wolves in the country’s oldest national park, Sutjeska. As the country at the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Bosnia-Herzegovina is also the connecting link between Europe and Asia Minor and therefore also a place where different cultures and religions cross paths. The capital city Sarajevo, venue of the Olympic Winter Games in 1984, not only offers a wide range of winter sport activities, but also a charming, oriental-influenced Old Town with cathedrals and mosques.

Embark on a journey of discovery to Bosnia-Herzegovina and travel to this impressive and hospitable country on board one of our comfortable coaches – inexpensively, quickly and safe


 from /  to Banja Luka
 from /  to Bihac
 from /  to Bijeljina
 from /  to Bosanska Gradiska
 from /  to Bosanski Brod
 from /  to Bosanski Petrovac
 from /  to Brcko
 from /  to Bugojno
 from /  to Busovaca
 from /  to Capljina
 from /  to Cazin
 from /  to Cerik
 from /  to Citluk
 from /  to Derventa
 from /  to Doboj
 from /  to Donji Vakuf
 from /  to Grude
 from /  to Ilijas
 from /  to Jablanica
 from /  to Jajce
 from /  to Janja
 from /  to Kakanj
 from /  to Kaonik-Lasva
 from /  to Kiseljak
 from /  to Kljuc
 from /  to Konjic
 from /  to Kupres
 from /  to Livno
 from /  to Ljubuski
 from /  to Loncari
 from /  to Maglaj
 from /  to Medjugorje
 from /  to Mostar
 from /  to Neum
 from /  to Novi Travnik
 from /  to Orasje
 from /  to Posusje
 from /  to Prijedor
 from /  to Prnjavor
 from /  to Sarajevo
 from /  to Siroki Brijeg
 from /  to Srebrenik
 from /  to Suica
 from /  to Tomislavgrad
 from /  to Travnik
 from /  to Turbe
 from /  to Tuzla
 from /  to Velika Kladusa
 from /  to Visoko
 from /  to Vitez
 from /  to Zenica
 from /  to Zepce