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Bus Lines to Portugal

Cosmopolitan Portugal, a nation of great seafarers like Magellan and Vasco da Gama, awaits guests with long stretches of coast and traditional cities like Porto and Lisbon. Its history has shaped the country in a unique way: the special features range from the ostentatious Manueline-style architecture to the artistically designed ceramic “Azulejos” tiles, down to nostalgic Fado singing. Monuments on the riverbanks of the capital Lisbon are testimony to the glory days of the discoverers, who made the city one of the world’s most important ports. Sun-seekers will make their way to the south to the beautiful, vast beaches along the Algarve with their crystal-clear water and bizarre rock formations.

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 from /  to Abrantes
 from /  to Agueda
 from /  to Albergaria-a-Velha
 from /  to Albufeira
 from /  to Alcobaca
 from /  to Aldeia da Ponte
 from /  to Alfaiates
 from /  to Almada
 from /  to Amarante
 from /  to Anadia
 from /  to Arco de Baulhe
 from /  to Arcos de Valdevez
 from /  to Aveiro
 from /  to Barcelos
 from /  to Beja
 from /  to Bombarral
 from /  to Boticas
 from /  to Braga
 from /  to Braganca
 from /  to Braganza
 from /  to Cacarelhos
 from /  to Caldas Da Rainha
 from /  to Caldas das Taipas
 from /  to Caminha
 from /  to Carcao
 from /  to Carrazeda
 from /  to Carregal Do Sal
 from /  to Castelo Branco
 from /  to Castro Verde
 from /  to Celorico Da Beira
 from /  to Cerdeirinhas
 from /  to Chaves
 from /  to Coelhoso
 from /  to Coimbra
 from /  to Covilha
 from /  to Duas Igrejas
 from /  to Esposende
 from /  to Estremoz
 from /  to Evora
 from /  to Fafe
 from /  to Faro
 from /  to Fatima
 from /  to Felgueiras
 from /  to Ferreiras
 from /  to Figueira da Foz
 from /  to Fornos de Algodres
 from /  to Freixo
 from /  to Fundao
 from /  to Ginjal
 from /  to Grandola
 from /  to Guarda
 from /  to Guimaraes
 from /  to Ilhavo
 from /  to Izeda
 from /  to Lagoa
 from /  to Lagos
 from /  to Lamego
 from /  to Leiria
 from /  to Lisbon
 from /  to Lixa
 from /  to Loule
 from /  to Lourosa
 from /  to Macedo de Cavaleiros
 from /  to Malhadas
 from /  to Mangualde
 from /  to Mealhada
 from /  to Melgaco
 from /  to Miranda do Douro
 from /  to Mirandela
 from /  to Mogadouro
 from /  to Moimenta De Beira
 from /  to Moita da Serra
 from /  to Moncao
 from /  to Montalegre
 from /  to Mortagua
 from /  to Moura
 from /  to Murca
 from /  to Nave
 from /  to Nelas
 from /  to Nisa
 from /  to Oliveira De Azemelis
 from /  to Oliveira Do Hospital
 from /  to Ourem
 from /  to Parades De Coura
 from /  to Paradinha
 from /  to Pedras Salgadas
 from /  to Penafiel
 from /  to Peso da Regua
 from /  to Pombal
 from /  to Ponte Da Barca
 from /  to Ponte De Lima
 from /  to Portalegre
 from /  to Portimao
 from /  to Porto
 from /  to Povoa De Varzim
 from /  to Povoa Lanhoso
 from /  to Quintanilha
 from /  to Regua
 from /  to Ribeira da Pena
 from /  to Sabugal
 from /  to Santa Comba Dao
 from /  to Santana
 from /  to Santana da Serra
 from /  to Santarem
 from /  to Santo Bartolomeu De Messines
 from /  to Santulhao
 from /  to Sao Joao da Madeira
 from /  to Seia
 from /  to Sendim
 from /  to Serpa
 from /  to Setubal
 from /  to Taipas
 from /  to Tavira
 from /  to Tomar
 from /  to Tondela
 from /  to Torre Moncorvo
 from /  to Torres Novas
 from /  to Torres Vedras
 from /  to Trancoso
 from /  to Vagos
 from /  to Valenca Do Minho
 from /  to Valpacos
 from /  to Venda Nova
 from /  to Viana Do Castelo
 from /  to Vidago
 from /  to Vidigueira
 from /  to Vieira do Minho
 from /  to Vila Da Ponte
 from /  to Vila Flor
 from /  to Vila Formoso
 from /  to Vila Nova de Cerveira
 from /  to Vila Pouca De Aguiar
 from /  to Vila Praia de Ancora
 from /  to Vila Real
 from /  to Vila Real de Santo António
 from /  to Vilar Formoso
 from /  to Vimioso
 from /  to Viseu