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Bus Lines to Russia

Russia stretches from the west border of the EU to the so-called Bering Strait, the strait between Asia and America. As the biggest country on earth, Russia is divided into nine time zones and extends across six climate zones. Hundreds of different peoples, each with their own culture and language, populate the country. Moscow, the capital city of the Federation, impresses with its architectural masterpieces from the time of the Tsars. Almost as magnificent as the richly adorned domes of the Kremlin on Red Square are the department stores like GUM and the underground Metro stations. St. Petersburg is also a popular holiday destination: visitor attractions here include the Hermitage Museum and in mid-summer the legendary White Nights, when day and night seem to merge into one.

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 from /  to Armavir
 from /  to Beslan
 from /  to Brjansk
 from /  to Groznyy
 from /  to Kaliningrad / Koenigsberg
 from /  to Kamyshin
 from /  to Krasnodar
 from /  to Kropotkin
 from /  to Kursk
 from /  to Mamonovo
 from /  to Mineralnye Vody
 from /  to Moscow
 from /  to Nalchik
 from /  to Nevinomyssk
 from /  to Orel
 from /  to Piatigorsk
 from /  to Rostov am Don
 from /  to Saint Petersburg
 from /  to Saratov
 from /  to Smolensk
 from /  to Tbiliskaya
 from /  to Tschernjachowsk
 from /  to Voronezh