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Bus Lines to Serbia

Although Serbia, as an inland region in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, does not have direct access to the sea, it still offers a wide range of water sport activities: numerous rivers and lakes flow through the country, and there are over 1000 mineral sources, which make Serbia a popular destination for health spa stays. Belgrade, the capital on the estuary of the Danube and Sava Rivers, is the largest city in Serbia. Its landmark is the Belgrade Fortress, the city’s oldest cultural-historical monument. Belgrade hosts many large cultural events and attracts visitors from near and far with its pulsating nightlife. The university city of Novi Sad, the centre of the north, also draws large numbers of visitors with its somewhat more leisurely rhythm.

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 from /  to Aleksinac
 from /  to Batocina
 from /  to Belgrade
 from /  to Belgrade K
 from /  to Belgrade P
 from /  to Belgrade SH-M-B
 from /  to Belgrade VP
 from /  to Bujanovac
 from /  to Cacak
 from /  to Cuprija
 from /  to Gornji Milanovac
 from /  to Jagodina
 from /  to Kladovo
 from /  to Kolari
 from /  to Kragujevac
 from /  to Kraljevo
 from /  to Krusevac
 from /  to Lapovo
 from /  to Lazarevac
 from /  to Leskovac
 from /  to Markovac
 from /  to Negotin
 from /  to Nis
 from /  to Nis B
 from /  to Nova Varos
 from /  to Novi Pazar
 from /  to Novi Sad
 from /  to Paracin
 from /  to Pozarevac
 from /  to Presevo
 from /  to Prijepolje
 from /  to Razanj
 from /  to Ribarice
 from /  to Sombor
 from /  to Sremska Mitrovica
 from /  to Stari Hrast
 from /  to Subotica
 from /  to Svilajnac
 from /  to Trstenik
 from /  to Tutin
 from /  to Uzice
 from /  to Varvarin
 from /  to Velika Plana
 from /  to Vladicin Han
 from /  to Vranje
 from /  to Vrnjacka Banja
 from /  to Zajecar