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Bus to Bucharest

Broad boulevards and park areas as well as impressive palaces once earned Bucharest its name as the 'Paris of the East'. One of the city's landmarks is the Triumphal Arch, modelled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Many other magnificent monuments remain and are mingled with evidence of the location's Communist past. The Palace of the Parliament, which is the world's second-largest administrative building, cannot be missed.

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Berlin - Bucharestfrom 95.00 €*Dortmund - Bucharestfrom 89.00 €*
Frankfurt am Main - Bucharestfrom 82.00 €*Hamburg - Bucharestfrom 70.00 €*
Karlsruhe - Bucharestfrom 82.00 €*Köln - Bucharestfrom 89.00 €*
München - Bucharestfrom 69.00 €*Stuttgart - Bucharestfrom 75.00 €*
Nuremberg - Bucharestfrom 80.00 €*Dusseldorf - Bucharestfrom 89.00 €*
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Other sights include Cișmigiu Gardens, the Romanian Athenaeum (the current home of the Romanian Philharmonic Society) and the Village Museum, an open-air museum showcasing Romanian buildings from various eras. For dining, visitors will find traditional restaurants with typical hearty stews and meat dishes as well as more and more modern locales. The city's nightlife is especially lively in its historic city centre, which welcomes visitors with countless bars, cafés and clubs.