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Bus to Göttingen

The city in the state of Lower Saxony is fully committed to knowledge: in addition to the 24,000 students studying at the University of Göttingen (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), the next generation also works hard in modern facilities, such as the Children's University or XLAB – the Experimental Laboratory for Young People. The city has successfully produced 44 Nobel Prize winners. 


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The most famous student apartment is the so-called Bismarckhäuschen near the city wall, where Otto von Bismarck, who later became a Chancellor, lived during the period of his study. The historic market square, where the city hall is located, is a central meeting place for locals and visitors.  A decade-old tradition also leads here all young graduates after successfully obtaining their academic degrees. The secret symbol of Göttingen, the bronze Goose Girl, receives a doctor kiss and flowers from them according to an old tradition. Get to know the city of knowledge and travel inexpensively, quickly and safely by the comfortable buses of Deutsche Touring.