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Kassel is the third largest city in the state of Hesse, Germany, and it is the capital of the German Fair Tale Route (Deutsche Märchenstraße). The Brothers Grimm lived here almost 30 years and collected their world famous "Children's and Household Tales", and other works as well. A monument of the sculptor Erika Maria Wiegand and the Brothers Grimm Museum in the Palais Bellevue reminiscent of their work.


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However, an exhibition of modern and contemporary art called “Documenta” takes place every five years in the city. The renowned art exhibition makes Kassel a part of the international art scene. Works of numerous artists can be also seen outside “documenta”. The Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park is a must for visitors. The unique cultural site is located on the slope of the Habichtswald Nature Park and provides numerous attractions. These include, among other things, the Wilhelmshöhe Castle, Löwenburg, as well as the symbol of Kassel - the 8.30 meters-high sculpture of Hercules, at whose feet the summer water cascades provide a unique show to spectators. Take the comfortable buses of Deutsche Touring to drive you inexpensively, quickly and safely to the fabulous Kassel.