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Bus to Kiev

The capital city of the Ukraine is located on both sides of the Dnieper River in the north part of the country. Kiev fascinates visitors with its contrasts: Ostentatious buildings from the most diverse eras and communist-era buildings constructed of prefabricated concrete slabs can be found in direct proximity to one another here. Green hills and parks such as the spacious National Botanical Garden in the centre of the city make Kiev one of Europe's greenest cities.

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Berlin - Kievfrom 60.00 €*Dortmund - Kievfrom 70.00 €*
Frankfurt am Main - Kievfrom 64.00 €*Karlsruhe - Kievfrom 64.00 €*
Köln - Kievfrom 64.00 €*München - Kievfrom 64.00 €*
Stuttgart - Kievfrom 64.00 €*Nuremberg - Kievfrom 64.00 €*
Dusseldorf - Kievfrom 64.00 €*
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One of the city's popular attractions is the cave monastery Kiev Pechersk Lavra, an impressive complex with many churches and museums that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Further to the north lies Independence Square, which has been the site of historic events many times over the course of the centuries. One of Kiev's oldest and most beautiful streets is St Andrew's Passage, which winds its way from the lower city to the upper city and is known for its art galleries, museums and merchant stalls.