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Leipzig in the state of Saxony, located near major trade routes since its foundation, today presents itself as growing economic and cultural metropolis. Besides historic charm, the city centre is compact and offers numerous attractions within walking distance. The market with the old city hall, the old exchange, or the famous St. Nickolas Church (Nikolaikirche) is, among other things, very attractive for tourists.


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Passages, transitional yards and exhibition halls located across the city are both typical of it and the urban planning in Germany as well. A colourful variety of shops, restaurants, museums and galleries revives that historic network, which is a popular meeting place during the daytime and at night as well. The Mädler passage has become very famous for Auerbachs Keller, the restaurant known from Goethe's Faust. Music lovers must take a walk along the so-called Leipzig music trail (Leipziger Notenspur), which is five-kilometer long. It shows how closely the city is connected to great composers like Bach, Schumann and Wagner. Interesting historical heritage sites, such as the place of the 1813 Battle of the Nations and the day of the peaceful revolution of 9 November 1989, can be found in many other places in the city. There are various leisure activities and a plenty of opportunities for spending idle time in Leipzig or in recreational areas nearby, such as Leipziger Seenland - a main goal of those willing to swim and of water sports fans.