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Bus to Moscow

The capital city of Russia is the country's most popular travel destination and is one of the world's biggest cities. Moscow has had an eventful history as a seat of power and government, which has had a lasting influence on the city's appearance. The city's most famous sight is the Kremlin, which contains the seat of government as well as magnificent cathedrals, palaces and museums.

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Saint Basil's Cathedral with its characteristic brightly coloured onion domes is world-famous as a landmark of the city. It is located at the likewise world-famous Red Square, which is surrounded by further impressive structures such as the Resurrection Gate with Iberon Chapel and Lenin's Mausoleum. The city offers culinary delights in all price ranges, from expensive Beluga caviar to traditional Russian fare. The lively nightlife can be enjoyed not only in an exclusive upmarket atmosphere but also in full tranquillity.