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Bus to Sarajevo

Surrounded by mountain slopes, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina has maintained much from old times but has also integrated influences from the widest variety of cultures. Hospitality and openness have resulted in the development of a diverse culture that is reflected in all of the districts of the city. Sieged and heavily destroyed in the Bosnian War, the city was able to maintain traditions and win back its charm with its reconstruction.

Top Bus Trips to Sarajevo
Dortmund - Sarajevofrom 80.00 €*Frankfurt am Main - Sarajevofrom 65.00 €*
Karlsruhe - Sarajevofrom 60.00 €*Köln - Sarajevofrom 75.00 €*
München - Sarajevofrom 45.00 €*Stuttgart - Sarajevofrom 55.00 €*
Dusseldorf - Sarajevofrom 75.00 €*
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Popular areas of the city include the old city and the city centre in particular. There visitors will find sights such as the Old Church with its museum, the roadside inn that formerly served to accommodate caravans and the oriental department store Brusa Bezistan. Visitors should absolutely try a cup of Bosnian coffee with the sweet confection rahat lokum or a regional dish in one of the traditional restaurants.