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Bus to Thessaloniki

The port city of Thessaloniki, located on the Thermaic Gulf, is Greece's second-largest city. It is a charming combination of eventful history with the atmosphere of a modern metropolis. A total of 15 of its Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city's landmark is the White Tower, which was once a defensive fortification and prison. Today it not only houses a museum dedicated to the history of Thessaloniki but also offers panoramic views overlooking the harbour.

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Nuremberg - Thessalonikifrom 114.00 €*
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A kilometre-long waterside promenade running past the White Tower has been extensively redesigned with parks and art installations in recent years. The active cultural scene, which sets benchmarks and makes Thessaloniki a site for important international events, can be felt everywhere In the evening the people of the city meet up in the entertainment district of Ladadika and fill the numerous pubs and bars there.