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Bus to Tirana

Tirana lies at the foot of Mount Dajt, around just 35 kilometres from the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Albania's lively and colourful capital city combines tradition and modernity as well as commerce and leisure. The heart of Tirana is its main plaza Skanderbeg Square, which contains the famous Et'hem Bey Mosque and the National Historical Museum, among other things.

Top Bus Trips to Tirana
Dortmund - Tiranafrom 110.00 €*Frankfurt am Main - Tiranafrom 110.00 €*
Köln - Tiranafrom 110.00 €*Mannheim - Tiranafrom 110.00 €*
München - Tiranafrom 100.00 €*Stuttgart - Tiranafrom 100.00 €*
Dusseldorf - Tiranafrom 110.00 €*
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Tirana offers further excellent institutions showcasing the culture of the country such as the National Theatre and the National Art Gallery. The destination of choice for visitors looking to go out and have fun is the city centre, where the restaurants, theatres and clubs are well-attended in the evening and visitors will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of live music and DJ performances offered. A trip to Mount Dajt is a must: Spectacular views overlooking the city can be enjoyed in full comfort during a ride on a cable car.