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Bus Lines to Slovakia

The morning mist wraps the picturesque forests, mountains and lakes of Slovakia in a magic veil. Not so far away from the everyday stress of the city you find oases of absolute calm for the perfect recreation. Adrenaline junkies get their money’s worth too - the wide range of recreational offerings in the mountains can be complemented by visits in well-known cities like Bratislava and Košice. We take you comfortably, quickly and at a low price to the Slovak Republic - every day from more than 5 departure points in Germany to more than 15 destinations in the Slovak Republic. 


 from /  to Banska Bystrica
 from /  to Bardejov
 from /  to Bratislava
 from /  to Bratislava letisko (Airport)
 from /  to Cadca
 from /  to Detva
 from /  to Giraltovce
 from /  to Hanusovce
 from /  to Humenne
 from /  to Kapusany
 from /  to Kezmarok
 from /  to Kosice
 from /  to Levoca
 from /  to Liptovsky Mikulas
 from /  to Lucenec
 from /  to Margecany
 from /  to Martin
 from /  to Michalovce
 from /  to Moldava nad Bodvou
 from /  to Nitra
 from /  to Piestany
 from /  to Podolinec
 from /  to Poprad
 from /  to Povazska Bystrica
 from /  to Presov
 from /  to Raslavice
 from /  to Rimavska Sobota
 from /  to Roznava
 from /  to Ruzomberok
 from /  to Secovce
 from /  to Sered
 from /  to Snina
 from /  to Sobrance
 from /  to Spisska Bela
 from /  to Spisska Nova Ves
 from /  to Stara Lubovna
 from /  to Strazske
 from /  to Strba
 from /  to Stropkov
 from /  to Svidnik
 from /  to Tornala
 from /  to Trencianska Tepla
 from /  to Trencin
 from /  to Trnava
 from /  to Turcianske Teplice
 from /  to Vranov Nad Toplou
 from /  to Vrutky
 from /  to Vysne Nemecke
 from /  to Zarnovica
 from /  to Ziar Nad Hronom
 from /  to Zilina
 from /  to Zvolen